Op-ed: Celebrating Nevada’s gains from the Inflation Reduction Act

Op-ed: Celebrating Nevada’s gains from the Inflation Reduction Act

Las Vegas, NV - January 23: Mandalay Bay Convention Center rooftop solar panels, site of the nation's largest rooftop solar array January 23, 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

By William McCurdy II

August 16, 2023

Enacted just a year ago, the Inflation Reduction Act has unleashed a torrent of positive change for Nevada’s environment and economy. 

More than 11,500 good-paying, clean energy jobs have sprung up across our state since the passage of the act, reminding everyone nationwide that Nevada is a clean energy powerhouse. 

Thanks to this bill, over $9 billion has been invested in our clean energy infrastructure. Nevada is leading the way, with up to 40,000 new clean energy jobs expected to materialize in the coming years, thanks in part to this legislation.

This is significant, it means that green technologies not only provide Nevadans with sustainable energy choices, but also offer high-paying jobs in construction, maintenance, and operations for years to come.

In short, clean energy jobs bring careers to Nevadans and help strengthen our economy.

Nevada’s position at the forefront of the clean energy revolution ensures that as the clean energy sector continues to grow, we will remain competitive in attracting top talent and innovative businesses. Additionally, clean energy helps us make strides in addressing the immediate challenges of climate change. For example, moving to renewable energy sources reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to extreme weather. Renewable energy also combats air pollution, and cleaner air helps fight respiratory illnesses among our most vulnerable populations.

To safeguard our environment, our health, and our economy, it is crucial that we build on the momentum generated by the Inflation Reduction Act. By prioritizing investments in clean energy infrastructure, we will create new, good-paying jobs, foster a healthier environment, and set Nevada up to reap the rewards of an evolving, green economy.

So, what comes next? 

No single act will retool a state’s entire economy or counteract all of climate change. It is up to every Nevadan to carry the torch forward by demanding further progress from our elected leaders. 

Let’s collectively support new initiatives that work for our state by building on the foundations laid by the Inflation Reduction Act. Let’s come together to promote innovation and strive for even greater heights in the clean energy industry. Let’s prove that Nevada, a state literally forged in the heat of the desert, can help cool our climate crisis and lead the nation toward a greener, more sustainable future.

Together, we can ensure that the state we love will not only survive, but flourish in the face of what can seem like insurmountable climate challenges. The story of our community and our state is one of survival and adaptation, and together we can embrace the next chapter—a cleaner, more prosperous Nevada for all.

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