5 reasons Nevadans love La Bonita Supermarkets

5 Reasons Nevadans Love La Bonita Supermarkets

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By Aleza Freeman

June 3, 2024

Local supermercado, La Bonita Supermarket, started out as a small “carnicería,” named for the Michoacán-born owner’s dairy cow.

In the past two decades, it has grown into a powerhouse chain of Hispanic grocery stores with seven Las Vegas locations and multiple sections including juice bars, tortillerías, panaderías, taquerías, groceries, and produce.

La Bonita is primarily known by locals for its specials, deals, and low prices. And while that’s a big draw for customers, it’s not the only enticement.

Here are five of the biggest reasons that shoppers love Las Bonita Supermarket.

1. Cheap produce

When it comes to the cost of produce, La Bonita has among the lowest prices in the valley. A recent search of the Henderson location’s website shows red bell pepper on sale for 33 cents versus 99 cents at a popular national grocery store chain; Granny Smith Apples were 50 cents a pound versus $1.39 a pound; and a large avocado was $1.49 versus $2.29.

In addition to low prices, the produce department offers a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as options you won’t find at mainstream stores like rambutan, nopales (cactus), star fruit, jamoncillo, papayas, and at least a dozen types of peppers.

2. Variety of meats

Price, selection, and convenience set the meat at La Bonita apart. There’s a wide variety of fish, poultry, pork, beef, and fish, but there’s also a butcher where you can get pretty much any cut of meat you want. Busy shoppers, such as those with families, appreciate that many of the meats come pre-seasoned, allowing for quick preparation.

As for prices, the carniceria at La Bonita has drumsticks for 89 cents per pound versus $1.49 per pound at a major chain, and boneless beef chuck roast is on sale for $3.89 per pound versus $7.99 per pound.

3. Fresh bakery

While bread products from brands like Mission and Sara Lee at La Bonita are sometimes on sale, shoppers are drawn to the aroma of the freshly baked pan dulce and other breads, bolillos, teleras, rolls, and buns. Yelpers have reported prices as low as 4 bread rolls for a $1.

The colorful desserts like donuts, cookies, postres, guava-cheese danishes, and tres leches cake are a feast for the eyes and the stomach. There are bakers on site to help you if you have any questions or a custom order.

4. Prepared food

You probably know you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. At La Bonita, that isn’t a problem as there’s a taqueria and juice bar on site. You can pre-game on authentic Mexican food from tamales and tortas to tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and combination plates. The juice bar has a variety of fruit and vegetable snacks served individually or on platters, and drinks including mangoneadas and aguas frescas as well as ice cream, sandwiches, snacks, and yogurts.

Shoppers often stop in to see what’s on the menu and grab a bite before grabbing groceries. There’s plenty of seating and on occasion, a mariachi band to keep you entertained while you eat.

5. Hispanic and international brands

While this may seem obvious, shoppers also like that La Bonita has a larger selection of Hispanic brands like Goya, Marinela, Klass, and Emperador, than other stores. There’s a variety of international brands as well, in every department from frozen foods to cleaning products.

To round out your shopping trip, La Bonita carries decorative, traditional, and seasonal items like Mexican tableware, candles, piñatas, and sugar skulls. With a wide variety of Hispanic candy and snacks, you’ll have to watch out for impulse buys at the register.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.5 reasons Nevadans love La Bonita Supermarkets5 reasons Nevadans love La Bonita Supermarkets

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