The 3 best water parks in Nevada, according to our research

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports, one of the best water parks in Nevada

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By The Nevadan Staff

June 3, 2024

Nevada offers a variety of water parks that are perfect for the whole family. Here are the 3 best water parks in Nevada that are guaranteed to make a splash!

Cowabunga Bay – Henderson’s Haven of H2O Fun

Dive headfirst into a tidal wave of fun at Cowabunga Bay, Henderson’s premiere destination for aquatic amusement. As you waltz through the gates, the kaleidoscope of water slides in every shape and size imaginable greets you, each one promising a unique blend of thrills and chills. Fancy a heart-pounding plummet? The Zuma ZOOMa is your go-to, offering a near-vertical drop that will have your adrenaline pumping as fast as the water beneath you. For those who prefer a more communal thrill, grab your closest friends and conquer the Cowabunga Splash—a multi-person raft ride that is as unpredictable as it is exhilarating.

Cowabunga Bay offers fun for every age and interest. For instance, the Kids’ Cove is an aquatic paradise for the little ones, featuring pint-sized slides and water features that provide endless entertainment in a safe and controlled environment. Meanwhile, the Lazy River invites you to grab a tube and gently float along its serene currents, offering a peaceful reprieve from the excitement and a chance to bask in the Nevada sun. Operating from the sunny hours of 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Cowabunga Bay ensures that your day is filled to the brim with wet and wild fun.

Wild Island Family Adventure Park – Sparks’ Splash-tacular Retreat

Wild Island Family Adventure Park in Sparks is the epitome of a splash-tacular retreat. If you thought Nevada was all about the desert heat, think again. This water park transforms the sizzling summer into a series of cool, splashy adventures that you won’t want to miss. As you step into Wild Island, the energy is infectious, with the sounds of laughter and water splashing creating a perfect symphony. I

t’s a place where the thrill of the slide meets the chill of the pool, offering something for every member of the family, regardless of age or adventure level. Operating from the sunny hours of 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Wild Island Family Adventure Park ensures your day is packed with wet and wild fun from the moment you arrive until the last wave goodbye.

Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas – The Inflatable Island of Dreams

The Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas beckons adventurers of all ages to come and test their mettle against its buoyant challenges. This isn’t your typical water park with stationary slides and predictable lazy rivers; oh no, it’s an ever-evolving aquatic playground that combines the thrill of an obstacle course with the unpredictable nature of water, ensuring that no two experiences are ever quite the same.

But don’t let the playful appearance fool you; the Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas is as much about the challenge as it is about fun. It beckons to the bold and the brave, inviting them to leap, climb, and splash their way to victory. Whether you’re racing friends to the finish line, engaging in a playful battle of balance and wits, or simply enjoying the exhilarating feeling of bouncing on water, this inflatable island is a testament to the joy of play. So, if you’re eager to add a splash of adventure to your summer, look no further than the Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas.

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