Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada’s first cannabis lounge

Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis lounge

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By Aleza Freeman

May 9, 2024

The legalization of cannabis in Nevada in 2017 created a bit of a Catch-22 for tourists. Visitors can buy cannabis products at dispensaries in the Silver State, but there’s practically nowhere to partake other than a private residence.

The opening of the Sin City cannabis lounge Smoke and Mirrors in February is a baby step in this budding industry. As the first state regulated recreational cannabis lounge in Las Vegas — one of 19 conditionally approved by the state — the space allows tourists the chance to live the high life, without the risk of a fine.

Another consumption lounge, Sky High Lounge, opened in 2019, but it is run by the Las Vegas Paiute Cannabis Authority and isn’t regulated by the state.

Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis lounge

Photo courtesy of Smoke and Mirrors – Las Vegas via Instagram.

Smoke and Mirrors: What to know

Smoke and Mirrors is located next to a Thrive dispensary, inside the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace at 2975 South Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. It’s a small space with an ultra lounge atmosphere but it serves cannabis instead of alcohol.

Mocktails ($15), like fan-favorite daiquiri The Godfather and local rock band The Killers-inspired margarita Mr. Brightside, are hand-mixed with care by a bartender and served in glassware with garnishes. A 2.5 mg or 5 mg infusion is available for an added charge. The menu also has coffee drinks (from $3.50), and non-alcoholic beer ($5). Any of these can be served as is or with a 2.5 mg infusion (for an added charge).

For the main course there are $20 dabs (concentrated cannabis), plus several strains of flower and pre-rolls (both starting at $20 for one gram). Your order will be served to you with a label detailing the percentage of cannabinoids per serving.

Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis lounge

Photo courtesy of Smoke and Mirrors – Las Vegas via Instagram.

How does it compare to a cannabis lounge in Amsterdam?

Now, anyone who has lived the typical pothead trope of the American tourist in Amsterdam will notice some immediate differences between a “coffeeshop” in the Netherlands and Smoke and Mirrors in Las Vegas.

For one, you can’t wander in off the street on a whim. You need a reservation. You may be able to get in without one, but this place gets crowded, so don’t count on it.

Secondly, patrons don’t casually walk up to a counter to order and pay. You have to wait to be seated and place your order with a server.

While coffeeshops in Amsterdam typically sell a variety of food, Smoke and Mirrors doesn’t, though you can buy a trio of munchies like popcorn and pretzels. Sometimes during special events there might be a food truck parked outside.

Finally, anything you buy in the lounge must be consumed in the lounge, and you can’t bring any outside product in. While the Thrive Cannabis dispensary is located in the same building, anything you buy there will have to be taken off property.

Much of this can be attributed to tight state regulations for cannabis consumption lounges.

Despite this, Smoke and Mirrors is a laid-back environment and a cool place to hang with your buds.

It’s nothing like a stinky dorm room with Doors posters and lava lamps. Instead, it has an upscale stoner-chic style with classy Vegas touches like Rat Pack-era furniture and swanky gold light fixtures. A television streaming psychadelic visuals and upbeat music — and occasional live entertainment — adds to the overall vibe.

Smoke and Mirrors is well suited for tourists as well as locals looking for a fun experience. From a price standpoint, it probably isn’t a daily local hangout, but it does lend itself to the occasional afternoon with friends or a business meeting with likeminded clients.

So while Smoke and Mirrors isn’t the be all end all solution to the Catch-22 of legal weed in Nevada, it is blazing the trail (pun intended).

Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis lounge

Photo courtesy of Smoke and Mirrors – Las Vegas via Instagram.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about checking out Smoke and Mirrors:


  • Do make a reservation. The space is small and it can get crowded.
  • Do come with an open mind. This is a safe place to experiment and try something new.
  • Do ask questions. Your server is happy to guide you through the menu options and help you feel comfortable with your choice..
  • Do dress casual. You will be seated for an extended period so keep that in mind.


  • Don’t bring your own cannabis products or consumption devices. The lounge will provide you with both.
  • Don’t try to smuggle cannabis products into the lounge.
  • Don’t try to smuggle cannabis products out of the lounge.
  • Don’t feel pressured. No one will judge you if you pass on a toke or don’t infuse your drink.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Discover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis loungeDiscover Smoke and Mirrors, Nevada's first cannabis lounge

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