Readers’ Choice: Best Bowling in Nevada

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By Stacy Rounds

April 15, 2024

Our readers have spoken, and we have uncovered the top four bowling alleys in Nevada in 2024 according to your votes in our recent poll. From Las Vegas to Reno, these bowling centers are sure to provide a fun and unforgettable bowling experience for residents and tourists alike. Let’s dive into the top picks for the best bowling in Nevada!

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Courtesy of South Point Bowling Center

South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas

South Point Bowling Center, inside the South Point Hotel and Casino, is one of the top-tier bowling alleys in the country, hosting the USBC Championships again this year, as it has many times in the past. With 64 cutting-edge lanes at your disposal, you’re invited to bowl like a pro right in the hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip.

While it may seem like a tourist destination, South Point Bowling Center offers leagues for all ages and activities for local Nevadans, encouraging a sense of community within its walls. Nearby, in the casino, bowlers can enjoy scrumptious dishes and delightful drinks to finish off a fun evening out with friends.

Whether you’re aiming to break personal records, enjoy a casual game with friends, or immerse yourself in the spirited atmosphere of Las Vegas bowling, the South Point Bowling Center stands ready to deliver an unparalleled experience. Passion, fun, and the spirit of competition converge here, promising an unforgettable adventure with every visit.

A view of many bowling lanes with snacks set out on tables and a logo in the background reading, "Red Rock Lanes" in a vintage font.

Courtesy of Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas

If you haven’t yet experienced Red Rock Lanes in the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, you should. It’s Las Vegas’ luxury destination for those seeking a bowling experience where vintage decor and modern conveniences collide. With 72 lanes that gleam under elegant daylighting, and cosmic laser lights at night, Red Rock Lanes is a place where every detail is curated to elevate your game to an art form.

Step into the VIP bowling suite for private bowling or to host memorable events, from glamorous birthday celebrations to high-stakes corporate gatherings. The attention to detail in these private spaces ensures that every moment is high-end, providing a plush, intimate setting for both spirited competition and social mingling.

The allure of Red Rock Lanes doesn’t stop at the lanes. Their full-service bar and restaurant promises delicious refreshments and meals, turning a simple game of bowling into a full-fledged entertainment experience. Whether you’re savoring a craft cocktail crafted by expert mixologists or indulging in gourmet bites, the flavors are as exquisite as the surroundings.

This venue is designed to create unforgettable experiences. The sleek, modern design of the facility echoes the vibrancy and luxury of Las Vegas itself, making every visit feel like a celebration. From the polished wood of the lanes to the comfortable, stylish seating areas, every element is in place to ensure your time here is nothing short of magnificent.

A brightly-lit bowling alley with modern scoreboards above the sleek alleys.

Courtesy of Sam’s Town Bowling Center

Sam’s Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas

Sam’s Town Bowling Center stands out as a haven for family-friendly fun. Open seven days a week, this bowling alley tucked inside Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall features 56 well-maintained lanes with ample space for families to spread out, compete, and enjoy the timeless game of bowling.

While a trip to Vegas can have a hefty price tag, a trip to Sam’s Town does not. They offer affordable daytime rates, specials for kids and seniors, and even a military discount. After dark, enjoy some Xtreme bowling with special group rates, where the lights come down, neon glow lights come up, and music jams as you toss the ball toward the pins. And you can throw a corporate party with a competitive edge or an unforgettable kids’ birthday bash without breaking the bank.

But there’s more to Sam’s Town than casual bowling. The center’s pro shop is a treasure trove for enthusiasts, offering the latest gear and gadgets to enhance your game. Whether you need a new bowling ball that fits like a glove or stylish shoes that glide perfectly on the lanes (while looking chic, of course), the pro shop is your go-to destination for professional bowling attire.

It’s not a true Vegas experience without great food. The snack bar at Sam’s Town is fully stocked with pizza, wings, fingers, nachos, hot dogs, sodas, and more; and it has a casual, relaxed vibe where families and friends can unwind, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

Sam’s Town Bowling Center, with its bright lights and modern conveniences, offers an experience that goes beyond the lanes. It’s here, amidst the sound of rolling balls and crashing pins, that you’ll find the heart of family entertainment in Las Vegas.

National Bowling Stadium in Reno

A professional bowler in a blue shirt is tossing an orange bowling ball down the alley.

Courtesy of National Bowling Stadium

If there’s a place that can be deemed the holy grail for bowlers, it’s unquestionably the National Bowling Stadium in Reno. Dubbed the “Taj Mahal of Tenpins,” this awe-inspiring venue is a paradise for those who live and breathe the game of bowling. With a staggering 78 championship lanes, this bowling haven is designed to make every bowler feel like a pro, regardless of skill level. The moment you step inside, you’re greeted by a colossal video screen that captures the essence of modern bowling while maintaining the sport’s classic charm.

What sets this stadium apart is its commitment to celebrating the sport of bowling in all its glory. From hosting prestigious tournaments that draw in the best bowlers in the world to providing a professional-grade space where bowling enthusiasts at all levels can roll a ball and have a blast, the stadium has something for everyone.

So, if you find yourself in Reno and want to experience bowling like never before, make your way to the National Bowling Stadium. It’s more than just a venue; it’s a Mecca for bowlers, offering a blend of competition, camaraderie, and pure enjoyment. Here, in this bowler’s paradise, you can take part in a legacy that continues to inspire and amaze, one roll at a time.



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