What’s your favorite restaurant in Las Vegas?

By Stacy Rounds

June 10, 2024

One of the best things about Sin City is the food. Where else do dozens of celebrity chefs, amazing international fare, and local Hispanic heritage converge in such a rich culinary sphere? If you’re looking for the best version of a specific dish, you’re in the right city. You just need some local foodies to help you find it.

Readers, we’re asking for your help! Take a moment to fill out the survey below to help your fellow Nevadans and thousands of tourists find the best food in Las Vegas. We’ll include the winners in our upcoming Las Vegas Locals Guide. Voting ends June 21.

  • Stacy Rounds

    Stacy Rounds is a writer and growth producer for The Nevadan News. Prior to joining the team, Stacy has worked as a writer, editor, and engagement specialist covering topics ranging from local history, disability advocacy, recreation, and food hotspots to relationships and mental health.



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