May’s Flower Moon in Nevada: What it means & what to look for

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May 3, 2024

Learn the meaning behind May’s Flower Moon and discover what awaits observers in our very own corner of the cosmos.

What is a Flower Moon?

The Flower Moon, also referred to as the Full Flower Moon, is a captivating astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the moon reaches its fullest phase during the month of May. This event is part of the natural lunar cycle, where the moon appears as a luminous orb in the night sky, reflecting the sunlight that illuminates its surface.

Astronomically, the Flower Moon signifies the moment when the moon is positioned opposite the sun, allowing its entire face to be illuminated by sunlight as seen from Earth. As with other full moons, the Flower Moon rises in the east around sunset and sets in the west around sunrise, offering observers a stunning display of lunar beauty against the backdrop of the night sky.

When is the Flower Moon happening in Nevada?

For residents of Nevada eager to witness the celestial spectacle of the Flower Moon, mark your calendars for May 23. The flower moon will be at its fullest at 6:53 a.m. PDT, but will be full and bright right after sunset on that evening and the one before.

Amateur astronomers can use telescopes or binoculars to observe the moon’s surface features, including craters, mountains, and valleys. Additionally, this full moon provides an ideal backdrop for stargazing and spotting other celestial phenomena, such as planets, stars, and meteor showers.

Also, be on the lookout for a bright dot adjacent to the Flower Moon. That radiant speck of light is none other than Antares, the reddish star often hailed as “the heart of the scorpion.” With a magnitude of 1.1, Antares shines brightly in the night sky, adding a celestial touch to the lunar landscape as it accompanies the Flower Moon on its celestial journey.

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What is the meaning behind the Flower Moon?

Originating from the traditions of indigenous peoples across North America, the Flower Moon bears witness to a tapestry of rituals, beliefs, and natural wonders.

In indigenous cultures, the naming of moons held deep cultural significance, aligning with the seasonal rhythms and natural phenomena observed throughout the year. Among these, the Flower Moon reigns supreme in May, symbolizing the exuberance of spring’s awakening as the earth bursts forth in a riot of floral splendor.

The Flower Moon was celebrated through ceremonies, rituals, and communal gatherings that honored the interconnectedness of all living beings with the rhythms of the natural world. These ceremonies often included prayers, offerings, and dances, invoking the blessings of the spirits and seeking harmony with the earth.

Known by various names among indigenous communities, the Flower Moon resonates with the spirit of spring’s awakening and the vibrant emergence of flora. The Cree names Budding Moon and Leaf Budding Moon pay homage to the flourishing of local flora, while the Dakota and Lakota honor this time as the Planting Moon, marking the auspicious moment when seeds are sown in anticipation of the bountiful harvests ahead.

In the Cree tradition, it is celebrated as Egg Laying Moon and Frog Moon, echoing the lively chorus of nature’s inhabitants as they herald the arrival of spring. Meanwhile, the Oglala term Moon of the Shedding Ponies nods to the shedding of winter coats among ponies, signaling the transition to warmer days ahead.

In astrology, the Flower Moon holds sway over the realms of emotion and transformation, inviting introspection and renewal. Aligned with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, this lunar event embodies themes of intensity, passion, and regeneration.

As the moon reaches its fullness, it illuminates the depths of the subconscious, unveiling hidden truths and inviting us to embrace profound personal growth.

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