Welcome to The Nevadan, El Nevadense

By Emilia Pablo

August 16, 2023

Driving down the Las Vegas strip, you get to see some of the most iconic casinos in the world, take in the sights, sample exquisite cuisine, or rush past the taco ads enticing you at every turn.

The further you drive away from it all, the more you begin to see the real-life manifestation of the statistics you hear on the news: Nevada is the fifth fastest-growing state in the last decade and the biggest growth comes from the Latino community. Whether you drive to North Las Vegas or East Las Vegas, today, the majority of people living there are Latinos.

During midterm and presidential elections, all eyes turn to the Silver state. The nation often looks to Nevada to try to predict which way the political winds will blow each cycle. Our national political relevance and civic engagement are always at the forefront. In this Battle Born state, we are a diverse community and we do matter.

That’s why we knock on doors, we volunteer, we talk to our families, and we encourage everyone to vote. I’m happy to share that I’ve spent my career — both as an advocate and a longtime local journalist — informing Nevadans.

But there’s a whole other group of people, especially younger ones in my community, who are generally disengaged from government, are not interested in the news, and don’t feel like civic participation matters at all. They spend a lot of their time scrolling on their phones — watching the latest trends on TikTok or swiping through content on Instagram — and they generally don’t have news content catered to their media consumption preferences in English or Spanish language. With the launch of The Nevadan, El Nevadense, we want to change that!

The Nevadan, El Nevadense aims to reach folks that spend most of their time online — with content tailored to them. We’ll be delivering original and reliable journalistic visual and audio reporting; as well as lifestyle content, in 30-second TikToks, swipeable social media carousels, and skimmable web articles. On-the-ground, accurate political reporting will be fundamental for us.

We’ll seek to connect leaders’ policy decisions to how they impact our daily lives, and we’ll be unafraid to call out lies when we see them. There’s no room for a both-sides mentality when it comes to covering the defining issues of our time. You can be sure that we’ll also shine a light on community leaders and voices who deserve public recognition.

We’ll approach our work with a certain set of values: standing up for working people, treating our neighbors with compassion, defending our personal freedoms, and supporting our democratic institutions.

We’re also going to have fun doing so. We’ll be exploring restaurants, finding the best tacos in East Las Vegas, previewing festivals, profiling community leaders, and compiling weekend things to do.

It is my hope that Nevadans will have a new home online informing them of local news they can use in English or Spanish, and I am thrilled to be part of this historic moment as we launch The Nevadan, El Nevadense.

Si hablas español, si eres bilingüe, con la punta de tu dedo, nos encontrarás en las redes sociales para toda la información de primera mano en nuestra linda Nevada.

It will be great to hear your story ideas or suggestions, please email me at [email protected]

I hope you’ll join us,

Emilia Pablo

  • Emilia Pablo

    Emilia Pablo Bazan is The Nevadan, El Nevadense Political Correspondent. She is an alumna from U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism with over 10 years of experience working in the television news industry. She's also a former speechwriter and press officer for the Obama administration and an Emmy award recipient.



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